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Current Housing Initiatives in Toronto

Open Door:

  • Provides funding and fee relief to developers of new purpose-built rental housing.

  • Offers property tax relief and expedites planning approvals.

Housing Now:

  • Develops affordable housing on City-owned sites.

  • Focuses on creating mixed-income, mixed-use, and transit-oriented communities.

Modular Housing Initiative:

  • Implements innovative and cost-effective small-scale infill housing.

  • Provides quick access to permanent housing and support for people experiencing homelessness.

Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods:

  • Facilitates the creation of low-rise housing options in residential neighbourhoods.

  • Includes garden suites, laneway suites, multiplexes, and low-rise apartments.

Multiplex Housing:

  • Aims to introduce diverse types of housing in Toronto's low-rise neighbourhoods.

  • Seeks to increase housing options and affordability.

  • Laneway Suites:

  • Offers programs and initiatives for the development of secondary/laneway suites.

  • Provides opportunities for additional housing units in existing neighbourhoods.

Supportive Housing Developments:

  • Accelerates the creation of supportive homes and housing benefits.

  • Utilizes City-owned land or acquires and renovates existing buildings.

  • These initiatives aim to address housing needs, create affordable options, and support individuals and communities in Toronto.


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